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SINCE 1984

For over 30 years Coerver® Coaching has been hailed as the World’s #1 Soccer Skills Teaching Method. Based on the methodology of legendary Dutch Coach, Wiel Coerver, and experiences having worked with some of the World’s leading football Clubs and Associations our internationally acclaimed curriculum has been officially recognized by FIFA for it’s global impact.

Founded in 1984 by Alfred Galustian & Chelsea legend Charlie Cook, Coerver® Coaching operates in over 40 countries worldwide with the global mission to develop creative & confident game-changing players who love skillful football.



Our Performance Academy provides specialist skills coaching for committed players as an add-on to their existing Club and school commitments. In partnership with adidas® – the world’s leading football brand – we will bring unique development opportunities and exclusive access to some of the biggest clubs; both in South Africa and abroad.



A New Era

When Coerver® Coaching launched its new 3 part DVD series & book entitled “A New Era” it did more than just extend its product range. These new products contained the blueprint for Coerver® Coaching going into the new Millennium.

Pyramid of Player Development

The new curriculum is represented by The Pyramid of Player Development which consists of 6 building blocks.

Each block combines dozens of games and training exercises for all ages featured in the Coerver® Coaching books; “Master Class” and the “New Era” as well as previous video series “Improve your Game”, “Make your Move” and “Session Planner”.

With Ball Mastery forming the foundation of every player’s development it is essential for progress throughout the pyramid. You’d be mistaken if you thought of the Pyramid as a ladder, where one level must be mastered before continuing to the next level. Instead, each step is integral to the other and player improvement is achieved as the different skills at each level become stronger.


the World’s #1 Soccer Skills Teaching Method


  • Professional, safe & fun learning environment for your kids.
  • Clear improvement in your kids.
  • International exposure.
  • The World’s #1 Soccer Skills Teaching Method.


  • Improve your skills, whatever your position or ability.
  • Learn how to use the skills of the World’s greatest players.
  • Become quicker with & without the ball.
  • Enjoy your football.


  • Learn the secrets to effective skills coaching.
  • Get more ideas & drills for your sessions.
  • Learn how to create fun & challenging sessions for your whole season.